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About Us

Small Farm Central develops technology tools for farm business success. Our goal is to support the development of a viable local food system through the economic success of farmers.

How We Got Started

Small Farm Central was founded in 2006 by Simon Huntley to serve the technology needs of farmers. Since 2006, over 1,000 farms, farmers markets, fisheries, and other local foods businesses have utilized Small Farm Central’s tools.

Simon grew up on a farm, studied technology, and came back to farming to help develop a CSA program for a fruit farmer in western Colorado.

Through this experience working at the ground level, Simon saw that farms needed help to develop a web presence and there was an opportunity to join his passion for technology solutions and agriculture.

In the years since the initial Site Builder release, online sales, CSA member management, and farmers market marketing tools have been added to continue filling the gap between the available technology tools and farms by developing a farm-centric approach and providing education and guidance on how to use the tools.

Your Support Network

As a small, farmer-centric company we pride ourselves on providing excellent support. Just reach out and we’ll provide you with a variety of solutions that works best for your farm business.

How to get in touch:
Phone: 412-567-3864
LiveChat in control panel for existing customers

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On a limited basis, Small Farm Central accepts consulting and speaking engagements.

Simon has spoken at numerous conferences over the years on the topic of farm marketing, especially using internet marketing to drive farm sales. Simon has spoken at the Eco-Farm Conference, the PASA conference, SSAWG, and in front of many other audiences. 



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