Simon Huntley

11 CSA Farms, 1500 Miles, 5 States, 4 Days

Last week, I took a road trip driving east from Pittsburgh visiting farms in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley of New York. My purpose was to visit some customer farms I had never visited before, make some new farmer friends, and get a pulse of what is going on with CSA farms nationally.

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What does Amazon + Whole Foods Mean for Farmers?

Did you see the news that Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13 billion?

Whole Foods has been at the center of the "good food" movement in the United States since it was founded in Austin, Texas in 1980 and has grown to over 400 stores nationwide. This deal marks a seminal moment in local food / good food / whatever you want to call it.

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Why You Should Consider Joining a CSA Farm this Season

Toy tractor In world of intractable problems, joining a CSA is a positive act that you can take that has profound impacts

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A Vision for 5 Million CSA Members by 2030

Radishes I think CSA farming is so important for farmers and eaters, so I am setting a goal of growing the overall CSA marketing by 10x, to 5 million households, by 2030.

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CSA Day 2017 - Save the Date

CSA Day CSA Day 2017 will happen on February 24th, 2017. Are you registered yet?

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