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CSA Day 2017 will happen on February 24th, 2017. It is always the last Friday in February, by the way, because based on our CSA Farming Report, this is the most popular day to sign up for a CSA share.

We had a big push last year with 764 farmers registered as participating in CSA day, millions of views in social media on the hashtag #CSAday, and a video contest.

We are not planning any huge changes for 2017. I think the highest value of CSA day is simply a way for you to connect with your customers and say, "We need your support today. Sign up for your CSA share today!" We will provide a promotional package of materials for you. Many farmers reported signing up dozens of members, and as many as 100 members, on the day, so it can be a pretty huge win with just a little effort.

As of now, there is not a lot for you to do. However, you can start reaching out to contacts in local media to tell them about the day and lay the ground work so you can get some free media coverage on the day. This type of coverage can take months to plan, so the earlier you do this, the better. 

We are going to de-emphasize the "discount" idea for CSA day based on your feedback. We encouraged farms to provide a discount for members who signed up on CSA Day, however based on feedback and thinking about this over the past few months, that is not necessary. Just tell members that CSA day is the time to sign up because you need the support early in the year and this is the day to do it. It just gives people a reason and a hook to sign up -- as well as a hook for you to talk about your CSA with members and the media. You are certainly welcome to offer a discount. I think that can be a nice touch, but it is certainly not required and we will not emphasize that for 2017.

We are planning to improve the website with a new directory and map to make it easier for potential members to find your farm through our website. In January, we will send around an email to make sure you are registered for CSA day and that the information on the directory is correct. The website is here for future reference:

I am working with a public relations consultant to try to get some national coverage for CSA day, so hopefully we can get a story placed in the wider media to push people to CSA day.

So just keep an eye out and I look forward to helping you promote your farm in CSA day!

What are you planning for CSA Day 2017? I would love to hear from you!

I just got a call from a regional CSA coalition that has included money for a regional CSA day promotion in a grant. It's gratifying to see other folks take this concept and run with it!

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