New Pickup Page in Member Assembler

We spent some time working on the Member Assembler public pickup page with 3 goals:

  1. Allow searching of pickup locations by closest geographically to member
  2. Streamline the look
  3. Allow 'second choice' options, in case the first choice of the pickup location gets cancelled.

Welcome to the pickup page that we quietly released about two weeks ago! The member can now type in their zip code or address and get a list of the 10 closest locations to them as well as the distance from their address to the location (see red circles in image above).

Also, notice that the full address in never shown to the customer until they have joined this pickup (see blue circles in image above).

Customers may be given an option to select a 'second choice' pickup location when registering with your CSA. You can this feature on or off under Member Assembler / configure / display settings.

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