What is this all about?

What is this space ? this "blog"?

This space - this "blog" - will help small farmers direct market their products with an eye towards helping ecologically sustainable small farms become economically sustainable, as well. I will focus on web marketing because I am professional web developer with experience in small-scale agriculture, rather than the other way around.

For this reason this is a conversation between me and you -- I will share what I know about web marketing for farms. I will write about new marketing ideas that I have heard of or read about on the internet and what I think about them. I will give my opinion on how farms can become more economically vibrant and I'd love to hear what you think. Subscribe to the blog, come back often, leave comments, and write emails -- I look forward to hearing from you.

Well, then, what is Small Farm Central?

Small Farm Central is a software system that allows farms to develop and maintain websites easily and inexpensively without the need for technical expertise. In the process, we are attempting to raise the bar of farm websites from their current sorry state to a place where farmers consistently and efficiently interact with their customers. A well-maintained website can become a center for the farm -- retain customers, inform the public, and record the experience of farming. I will be blogging extensively about the theory and practice of web marketing.

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