Farm Marketing

Introducing Harvie

This is a big day at Small Farm Central. Today I introduce Harvie!

As I mentioned in last week’s CSA: We Have a Path Forward, we’ve been working on a new CSA platform that we call Harvie (no, we didn’t know they were going to name a hurricane after us, and you can donate to farmers affected by Hurricane Harvey).

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CSA: We Have a Path Forward

Last August, I wrote an article entitled CSA: We Have a Problem detailing my research into the struggles of CSA farmers to retain existing members and attract new ones. If you have not read that article yet, I suggest you go back and read that first. It still feels very relevant over a year later.

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11 CSA Farms, 1500 Miles, 5 States, 4 Days

Last week, I took a road trip driving east from Pittsburgh visiting farms in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley of New York. My purpose was to visit some customer farms I had never visited before, make some new farmer friends, and get a pulse of what is going on with CSA farms nationally.

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8 Tips for Farmers Market Success

​An effective pre-market communications strategy can turn out your best customers week after week. But what about the customers who arrive at the market without a clear idea about what or if they’re going to purchase that day. How do you make sure they gravitate to your stand to spend their money with you? Here are eight tried and true tips to maximize your time spent at farmers market.

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Text Messages Drive Farmers Market Sales

To make sure you get the most out of farmers market sales, you must develop a communication strategy that gets your best customers to come to the market week in and week out. You are already posting to Facebook and sending a weekly email, but there is one even more direct communication method that you likely have not tried yet: text messages.

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