Hi, I'm Simon Huntley, the lead developer here at Small Farm Central. Let's talk about Small Farm Central!

Small Farm Central provides professional and affordable web services (websites and ecommerce) to direct-marketing farmers. Each site is administered through an online control panel that turns any farmer into a web developer -- in other words, websites that simply work. 

We know farm websites because we've been there at the "ground" level. I developed this service after helping start and manage a CSA vegetable operation in western Colorado. In marketing the farm, I developed a website that integrated photos, a calendar, social networking tools, and a mailing list that became the center for the farm's best customers. Not every farm has access to the skills that it takes to develop a site like that, so Small Farm Central became the answer to: "How can every farm have access to advanced web tools like these at a price that makes sense for the farm budget?" 

In addition to websites, we also provide member management services to CSAs through our Member Assembler package and allow farmers to sell products on their website via our ecommerce tool.

As of August 2012, Small Farm Central provides services to 700+ farmers across the U.S. and Canada. See our samples page to see some of the farmers that use the service.

Want to learn about the great folks that make Small Farm Central function? See our staff page.

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