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Introducing Harvie

This is a big day at Small Farm Central. Today I introduce Harvie!

As I mentioned in last week’s CSA: We Have a Path Forward, we’ve been working on a new CSA platform that we call Harvie (no, we didn’t know they were going to name a hurricane after us, and you can donate to farmers affected by Hurricane Harvey).

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CSA: We Have a Path Forward

Last August, I wrote an article entitled CSA: We Have a Problem detailing my research into the struggles of CSA farmers to retain existing members and attract new ones. If you have not read that article yet, I suggest you go back and read that first. It still feels very relevant over a year later.

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11 CSA Farms, 1500 Miles, 5 States, 4 Days

Last week, I took a road trip driving east from Pittsburgh visiting farms in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley of New York. My purpose was to visit some customer farms I had never visited before, make some new farmer friends, and get a pulse of what is going on with CSA farms nationally.

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Why You Should Consider Joining a CSA Farm this Season

Toy tractor In world of intractable problems, joining a CSA is a positive act that you can take that has profound impacts

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A Vision for 5 Million CSA Members by 2030

Radishes I think CSA farming is so important for farmers and eaters, so I am setting a goal of growing the overall CSA marketing by 10x, to 5 million households, by 2030.

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