Allowing Members to Easily Share New CSA Purchase with their Social Networks

Aug 15, 2012
Posted by: Small Farm Central

Around this time every year, we sit down with the laundry list of proposed upgrades to Member Assembler and start working on new features. We have a number of exciting new features, but today I want to highlight a fairly small, but significant upgrade.

On the final "checkout" screen when a member signs up for your CSA via Member Assembler, the member now has an option to share their purchase with their friends and encourage their network to sign up for your CSA. A membership in a CSA is something most people are very proud of, so they were likely re-posting information about you already. Now they can easily share their CSA purchase to Twitter and Facebook. Of course these posts include a link to your Member Assembler site if a friend of theirs want to sign up!

Enjoy the free publicity!

This feature is now available on all of our Member Assembler accounts. If you have not yet considered Member Assembler for your CSA, get in touch!


  • If I had a diet plan, it would be: 1) cook for yourself 2) eat whatever you want at mealtimes, but cut the snacks 3) cut the desserts&sugars
    2 years 12 weeks ago
  • @AmyinOregon oh, neat. Glad you like them.. more coming soon!
    2 years 13 weeks ago