May 20, 2011

Needed: Great Web Designers for Farm Website Template Design

Posted by: Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central is looking for a few great web designers to develop new, eye-catching design templates for our service. We are brewing up a batch of new designs in the summer 2011 and we need some help!

This is a tough design challenge. A successful designer must find the middle ground by creating a distinct, bold design and keep it customizable to each farm's needs.

Know a capable web designers that love farms? Send them on to read more about the job and how to apply.

May 19, 2011

Smooth Launch of Buying Club

Posted by: Small Farm Central

We're helping lots of farmers get their websites and online sales going this year. One farmer talked about it on Twitter. We like the words 'smooth launch', so we thought we'd pass it on to you!

In case you can't see the image, @patspatured said:

"Grateful for a smooth launch of our 1st Buying Clubs / online store. Thks to Simon + the team -- couldn't do it without you!"

Let us know when we can work on a smooth launch for your farm!

May 5, 2011

Small Farm Central Visits That Guy's Family Farm

Posted by:

Leslie is always up for a road trip, so she recently visited That Guy's Family Farm ( in Clarksville, Ohio. Guy and Sandy Ashmore and their children, Conard, Maggie, and Nellie, grow a nice variety of certified organic produce, flowers, pastured meat and eggs, on their beautiful 48 acre farm land.

On a beautiful spring morning, Guy and Conard took time out of their busy day to chat with Leslie about their family farm, and how their Small Farm Central website has helped their business.

That Guy's Family Farm from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Soundtrack credit: Laura Veirs, "Anne Bonny Rag," from the album Carbon Glacier.

Apr 29, 2011

Mailing List Booklets for Your Farmers Markets

Posted by: Small Farm Central

One of my main recommendations for web marketing is to start a regular email marketing newsletter. To make the work that goes into creating content for a newsletter worthwhile, it is important to have lots of subscribers! One key way to get new susbscribers is to leave out a mailing list sign-up form at your farm stand, farmers market, or wherever you connect with the public.

I've thought about designing a printed booklet that would make this easy for our farmers for a number of years and we finally got around to it. This booklet is designed to be taken to markets and sign up customers for your mailing list. Each booklet has 50 pages and is spiral bound so it will lay flat on your table. We would like to get one to you, so let us know that you want one and we'll mail one to you before the farmers market season starts. This is completely free! Just another way Small Farm Central helps you get your marketing done.

It looks like this:

Front cover with a space to write your farm name!


Inside pages -- there are 50 of these with a space to record which market it was used at for your records.

Back cover.

Again, use this form if you want a copy and we'll get one mailed to you some time in May absolutely free of charge!

Apr 25, 2011

Horizon Premium Template Now Available

Posted by: Small Farm Central

We have released our newest premium template. It is called 'Horizon' and we are excited to get you using it so sign up and get started with this template or contact support and we'll help you change from an existing template.

Visit the test site at:

These are limited in quantity, so if you like this new design, grab it quickly before they are gone!

Apr 15, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake! (And cookies. And brownies...)

Posted by:

One of the best things about working at Small Farm Central is having the opportunity to work with so many great customers across the country – especially happy customers who send us treats!

We would like to thank Sarah Kagan at Hazon CSA of White Plains, NY ( for sending us a generous gift of locally baked treats from Sweet Bakery, including butter rum cake (the bakery’s specialty), and a massive assorted cookie platter.  We are still full from our staff meeting -- and that was two days ago.

Sponsored by the synagogues of White Plains, NY, Hazon CSA of White Plains was introduced to Small Farm Central through their farming partner and current SFC customer, Chubby Bunny Farm (

Hazon is the first Jewish Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in North America and is currently the largest faith-based CSA program in the country. More info on the Hazon program can be found at

Apr 12, 2011

Lancaster Farming: Is Social Networking Right for your Farm?

Posted by: Small Farm Central

Lancaster Farming, one of the largest agricultural newspapers in the country, just printed an article featuring an interview with Simon about how farms can best utilize the new web marketing tools that are out there. This is a really good review of our current thinking on web marketing for farms.

"With the recent push to get businesses (including farm businesses) to take advantage of social-interactive websites to market their products — on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog sites — Huntley understands the challenges for farmers to add one more thing to their already packed schedule.

"I try not to blindly follow trends (in technology)," Huntley said. "It’s important (for everyone) to ask, why do I need this?"

As the founder and owner of Small Farm Central, a web company which provides online services specifically for farm businesses, such as website creation, online sales tools and community supported agriculture (CSA) customer management, Huntley has seen his own farm-web business double nearly every year for the past 4-1/2 years. Based in Pittsburgh, Pa., where Huntley and his wife live, Small Farm Central (SFC) now has 500 clients overall, including many small farms and farm businesses around the country and as far away as Hawaii and Nova Scotia. Though the company began as a solo venture, SFC now has four full-time employees with Huntley projecting continued growth in the coming year."

Read the rest of the article online or pick up a copy at your local newstand!

Apr 4, 2011

Cookbooks for your CSA and Markets

Posted by: Small Farm Central

As important as it is for folks to buy local food, they will only keep doing it as long as they know how to cook all the lovely fruits and vegetables. At our CSA, we purchased a batch of the 'Simply in Season' cookbooks and gave one to each member as part of their share. People really appreciated that extra effort on our part and then we sold copies of the cookbooks at farmers markets for the rest of the year.

The Simply in Season cookbook features very simple recipes that emphasize the seasonality of food and really is a perfect introduction to a cook that is new to fresh ingredients in the kitchen. It can be very overwhelming to open up the first CSA box and see all these new foods.

The folks that published 'Simply in Season' let me know that they have a special going on right now, so I thought I'd pass it on.


Now through April 15th, the Mennonite Publishing House is offering their series of cookbooks at 50% off on orders of 5 or more of the same title. These cookbooks are uniquely suited for CSAs and Farmers' Markets because of their emphasis on seasonal eating and sustainable living:

Saving the Seasons
Simply in Season
Simply in Season Children's Cookbook
Extending the Table
More with Less
Living More with Less

Orders can be placed and questions can be answered by contacting or by calling 1-800-245-7894 x 278

Mar 30, 2011

We're Hiring a PHP/MySQL Web Developer

Posted by: Small Farm Central

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are not a PHP/MySQL web developer. However, you may know someone who would love to work at the intersection of web technology and agriculture, so pass on this job description to your technically minded friends!


Small Farm Central is looking for a Senior PHP/MySQL Developer to join a small but growing team. The senior developer will work on large new projects, maintain existing code, plan improvements, manage changes to server infrastructure, and in general make Small Farm Central work from a technical perspective.

Small Farm Central provides website, ecommerce, and CSA management tools to 500+ farms across the U.S. and Canada. SFC is a farm company first and a technology company second; the service comes out of the small-scale farm movement and is committed to providing technology services that make farms more economically viable.

More specific info here:

Mar 22, 2011

New Spam Filter Installed

Posted by: Small Farm Central

We've been receiving complaints over the last few months about the comment spam filtering service we've used over the last few years, Recaptcha. Spammers write software programs that troll the internet and post spam comments wherever they can. Some of these comments have been getting through the Recaptcha filter and into the sites of our farmers. These are not viruses; the goal is to create links to their preferred sites for search engine rankings or other goals.

In short, Recaptcha has not been getting the job done for our farmers, so we researched the latest in spam filtering technology and have installed a new filter called Mollom. This is just a part of our job to keep your site up-to-date and protected.

If you Small Farm Central site is having a problem with comment spam, please install the Mollom filter as below or ask for help.

Installing the Mollom spam filter

  1. Create a 'free' account at
  2. Once you have logged in to mollom, click on 'site manager' and then 'Add New site' and add your site.
  3. Now click on 'view keys' next to your site
  4. In a separate window, login to your control panel.
  5. Navigate to: Administrate / comments / settings
  6. Change the CAPTCHA method to 'Mollom' and add the Mollom API keys (from step #3) to the boxes provided.
  7. Save your settings.
  8. Now test your comments form on your public site to make sure everything is working.


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