Feb 27, 2013

Teaching Members How to Cook

Posted by: Small Farm Central

I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon with Chef Matt at Marty's Market taking video with the help of the folks at Lockerman Studios. We worked through two simple technique videos: braised kale with onion and garlic and broccoli techniques. These will be worked into 2-3 minute videos that you will be able to use to educate your customers on how to cook your produce.

I have already learned a lot about video production and I'm really excited for what we can do with this medium. I have learned, first off, that it takes a lot of equipment, takes, and time to produce a short video like this. I'll post results as they come available!

Feb 25, 2013

New Scheduled Payment Options

Posted by: mikecuccaro

Hi! Just wanted to send out a quick note because many people have inquired about this. Member Assembler scheduled payment templates for can now be set to occur every two months, every six weeks, and every three months in addition to the weekly, monthly, and bi-weekly options you've always had.

You can change your payment schedule template at:
Member Assembler > Scheduled Payments > Schedule Template

Any new signups will be set for your new schedule. It will not affect currently scheduled payments from people who have already signed up this season. Remember, this is only if you are allowing checkout with!

Feb 25, 2013

The Power of Video

Posted by: Small Farm Central

We know the power of photos for a website to connect eaters to the farm, but we should also be thinking about video. I think video is a under-utilized in farm marketing. With the smart phone that is likely already in your pocket, you can start harnessing this powerful tool by taking short videos.

Farmer Dave's in Dracut, MA does a lot with video to educate customers from what a "choice-style" pick up looks to like to a new CSA member orientation video.

Here is a beautifully shot interview with a CSA farmer:

Try video this season. Let me know what you come up with!

Feb 21, 2013

Finding and Keeping your CSA Members

Posted by: Small Farm Central

I have been thinking a lot about CSA member retention in the last few months in preparation for our online CSA conference and in regards to some of the new projects we are pursuing here at Small Farm Central. Brian Moyer at Penn State has done some thinking on this too:

"According to a survey of shareholders of CSA’s in the Mid-Atlantic Region that was compiled by Lydia Oberholtzer for the Small Farm Success Project, on average, CSA’s have to replace 55% of their shareholders every year. This can be a lot of work and worry every winter when you’d probably rather spend your time planning and ordering seeds for your upcoming season."

Read his article, 'Finding and Keeping your CSA Members' for more information on this really important topic.

Member retention is one of the core concepts we will be exploring during the CSA Expert Exchange conference on March 15th. We'll look at this through the lens of CSA community, CSA education, and more. The conference is only $45 and spots are going fast, so sign up soon!

Feb 18, 2013

Apprentices United!

Posted by: Small Farm Central

The four of us all worked at the same farm in western Colorado, albeit during different seasons. We (re)connected at the PASA conference in State College, PA and got to swap stories of the farm over the years. We are all still working in agriculture in one manner or another.

Feb 13, 2013

New! Default Headers and Footers for Email

Posted by: mikecuccaro

It's not just for Valentine's Day. We're always trying to show our love for our farmers by making improvements based on your ideas and needs. Thanks to a great suggestion by Karlin from Penn's Corner Farm Alliance, we've just added a small tool that might save you a good bit of time: default headers and footers for email.

If you've got a logo or some extra contact information or something you want to include on all of your mailings, this is a great place for you to do the work once and have it carry forward. Just navigate to Connect > Mailing List > Settings and you'll see some new settings down at the bottom that look like this:

You can set these up however you wish. From that moment on, any *new* emails you create in the regular mailing list tool, the Member Assembler mail tool, the automated pickup reminders, the payment requests, or the member renewals emails will have the header and/or footer automatically added on. You'll see it there so you can adjust it for that particular mailing should you need to. Newly created default headers and footers will not affect any saved messages you have customized in the past.

We've got pages of suggestions for improvements from you all and will continue to address them as we have time. Thank you for caring enough to share and please keep 'em coming. Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 6, 2013

Small Farm Central at PASA Conference

Posted by: Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central and staff will be among the 2,000+ farmers and other interested parties descending on State College, PA for the Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Conference's (PASA) annual conference. I've been to a lot of ag conferences over the years and, maybe I am biased because this is our home state conference, but I think this is one the best one or two conferences in the country covering issues in sustainable agriculture.

We are sponsoring the conference again this year and will have a centrally located booth, so you can't miss us!

Come on by to talk about the CSA Expert Exchange, Member Assembler, or a farm website.

Ask for one our nice mailing list booklets that you can stick on your farm market table to sign up members. We got these printed up a year or two ago and gave them away as a promotion and still have a few left over that we are bringing to the conference.

Special offer: on Thursday night the staff and a couple farmers will go to Elk Creek Aleworks just outside of State College. We have two spots left and we'd like to fill those seats with Small Farm Central farmers, so email me if you want to come along. We'll buy!

Feb 4, 2013

The CSA Expert Exchange Explores Member Retention

Posted by: Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central, along with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, is presenting the first ever online conference focusing on CSAs. Details below! I hope you will join us. More details to follow on this conference in the coming weeks, but please visit the conference website for more information.

Attention CSA Farmers!   The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and Small Farm Central are proud to announce the CSA Expert Exchange, a one-day online conference that will bring farmers together to learn about the issues important to them.  Topics to be addressed include member retention, member education, and certification and equipment.  Noted CSA pioneer Elizabeth Henderson will give a keynote address about the importance of community involvement in creating strong and healthy CSA's.

The CSA Expert Exchange will be held on March 15, 2013 from 11:00am-4:00pm EST.  The conference expects to engage between 500-1000 farmers nationwide.  Participants will be able to access the conference using any web browser.  The conference will utilize video presentations and slideshows with participants interacting via a chat function.  

Registration for the conference is $45 (the first 100 registrants will receive a $5 discount).  Twenty scholarships are being offered for new and beginning farmers.  For more information on how to apply for a scholarship, please visit the website.  

For more information on conference details, registration, and information about PASA, Small Farm Central and other conference partners, please visit:

Feb 1, 2013

Presenting at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention

Posted by: Small Farm Central

The Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention brings about 2,500 farmers to Hershey, PA to learn about improving their operations. This year's keynote, which I missed, was by the creator of the "Get Milk" campaign!

Thanks to Art King and Heather Mikulas for inviting me to present during the 'Online marketing toolbox' track. I presented "Best Practices for Farm and CSA Websites" and "Credit Cards, Online Sales, and Demystifying the Tangled Web of Paying by Card".

I think the presentations went really well! In case it helps, here are the handouts I printed for everyone:

Best Practices for Farm and CSA Websites by Simon Huntley

Jan 29, 2013

Welcome Edith!

Posted by: Small Farm Central

If you have worked with the support staff at Small Farm Central over the past three or four years, you may have availed yourself of the gentle support of Shannon Knepper with design or any other issue that came up. At the beginning of January, Shannon and her husband had their first child; a baby girl named Edith. So Shannon is spending a couple months attending to this demanding new customer!


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