Jan 27, 2012

CSA Model Continues to Grow

Posted by: Small Farm Central

The Young Farmers Coalition rounds up a report by the California Agriculture journal which has some interesting stats on the growth of CSAs.

"Between 1990 and 2010, CSA membership in this area increased by 49 times, from about 672 members in 1990 to 32,938 members in 2010."
"According to the study, 54 percent of the CSAs were profitable and, out of the rest, 32 percent broke even and 15 percent operated at a loss. The average gross sales per acre was $9,084, which is almost seven times the average for California agriculture generally."
"Generally, small-scale farmers were more dependent on CSAs than larger-scale farmers. Many of the farmers in the study chose the CSA model as a way to diversify their income sources. Some did not have access to wholesale organic markets, while others wanted to increase their revenue beyond farmers’ markets and other direct sales. Many farmers responded that one of their motivations for starting a CSA was the advantage of being paid up front before the growing season and thus knowing sales volumes ahead of time."

Read the whole article or read the full report.

Jan 25, 2012

Accepting Credit Cards Online and at the Market

Posted by: mikecuccaro

If you've been thinking about processing credit cards this year -- either in person at the market or on your website -- you know there are a ton of different options out there. We've done a lot of the research to help you make an informed decision as to what will help you the most. For smaller farms processing less than $50,000/year in credit card transactions, PayPal is likely the best choice because there are no monthly fees with Paypal.

However, for farms processing higher volumes of payments or for farms that want a more seamless online payment experience, getting a full merchant account with may make sense. We are happy to discuss your unique situation with you and figure out if a full merchant account makes sense.

There are hundreds of merchant services providers out there and it can be very confusing. One thing we've learned is that for many CSA farmers, it can be a challenge to apply for a merchant account because of the "pay now/get something later" model of CSA. Some merchant services companies refuse to work with farms regardless of the farm's business model.

To help address this challenge, we've partnered with a full-service merchant account company called Total Merchant Services (TMS). TMS provides online merchant accounts with for your website, wireless merchant accounts with free terminals for markets, and even an app to swipe credit cards on your mobile phone. TMS has already cleared the CSA model through their Risk Department so applying is streamlined and usually only takes a couple of business days for approval. Even if you are already processing with a merchant account, TMS may be able to offer better rates for you.

Click here for a lot more detail about their services and how they compare with some of the other options out there. Hopefully there is a solution out there to help your customers pay you quickly and easily!

Related Documents:

- Merchant Account Options with TMS (detailed rates and fees)
- vs. PayPal (updated cost analysis)

Jan 6, 2012

Showcase: A New Content Option for a New Year

Posted by: mikecuccaro

We've got a new content option that is kind of a mix between a gallery and a web page. We call it Showcase and it's flexible enough to serve a lot of different functions: a display of specialty products, a staff directory, a step-by-step page of instructions, etc. Basically a Showcase is the tool to use for any time you'd like a series of visual elements with text that you can move around in a display order.

The above example is the "bookshelf" layout style of a Showcase. The images can be ordered using the "weight" functionality you've likely used elsewhere on the site. "Lightest" items float to the top while "heaviest" sink down. You can have any number of images but can only add 10 at a time. If you have more than that, save after 10 and then go back in to edit. Each image has a title and a caption shown here. You can also write a longer description, which will be shown if someone clicks the "More" button or clicks a photo.

After clicking, you'll see you also get a larger version of the small image, for showing those fine details and longer descriptions.

"Bookshelf" is not the only option for displaying a Showcase. There are three different "list" styles, also: One with the images aligned left, one with them on the right and a "zig-zag" where the images alternate, like this example:

You'll see that the list style displays the full text with each image. Your visitors can still click through to get the large picture if they like.

We're sure you will have lots of ideas about how to use Showcases. Just head to Create Content > Showcase to get started. Please let us know when you've created some and tell us how you like the Showcase and what improvements you'd like to see. Happy New Year!

Jan 5, 2012

The Washington Post is Looking for CSA Farmers!

Posted by: Small Farm Central

I came across this call for Washington, DC area CSA farmers on the Washington Post:

"In early February, the Food section will publish online a list of Washington area farms offering community-supported agriculture (CSA) shares for sale in 2012. Farms that would like to be included should e-mail the following information to"

If your CSA happens to serve the DC area, take the initiative and get on the list! For the rest of you, this is a good time to get in touch with the food reporter in your major market and encourage them to do a review of area CSAs this Spring if they are not already doing one!

The public is hungry for these kinds of stories and directories, so help your local reporter out and get some free publicity in the process!

Dec 23, 2011

Holiday Wishes and Schedule

Posted by: Small Farm Central

I hope you get the chance to enjoy the Holidays with family and friends! After a season of planning, marketing, planting, harvesting, and etc, I hope you get the time to relax this off-season.

We'll be taking a light week during the week between Christmas and New Year to recharge our batteries going in to our busy season. We have the exact opposite season of farmers, so Small Farm Central gets busy as you have a little more time to turn your attention to websites, member management, and online sales.

During the week between Christmas and New Year, support will be available by email and of course we'll watch everything to make sure it is running smoothly.

We look forward to another great year making technology easy for your farm in 2012!

Top of the Holiday to you!

-Simon & the Small Farm Central team.

(Photo courtesy of George Eastman House.)
Dec 7, 2011

Advanced Filter for Member Manager

Posted by: mikecuccaro

We've made it easier for you to find your Members, when you use the new Advanced Filter and improved Search at Member Assembler > Members > View Members:

This looks pretty much like what you're used to. Now, the default view of your Members includes all seasons and all members, both active and disabled (highlighted). You can still use the Search box at the top to find a member by name but now you can also search by an email address. Just type it in and hit Go! You can also still click the headings of the columns to sort by that field.

To narrow your view to a subset of your membership, click the Advanced Filter bar at the top. You'll see this:

In the Advanced Filter, you can narrow the members you see by a Season, by a specific Type/Option, by a specific Pickup Location, by Member Status, and/or only those with a Balance of a certain amount or more. After making your selections, your screen will look like this:

Your filter will persist even when you leave your admin and come back so if you only want to view your members attached to your current season, that will stay the case. The filter displays so you won't forget it's there and wonder why you aren't seeing certain members. To get rid of the filter, you can either clear it with the link or open the Advanced Filter again and change it.

We hope this will help you speed up your work online so you can get back to doing what you know best -- farming! Please continue to let us know what developments will help you.

Dec 1, 2011

New Design Template Styled Around the Roadside Stand

Posted by: Small Farm Central

A new design is coming to Small Farm Central in the next week or so. We call it FarmStand because it is designed with an eye towards the roadside stand.

We like it! Here's a preview:

Let us know if you would like first crack at it.

Nov 14, 2011

Customer Coupons for Ecommerce

Posted by: mikecuccaro

We're happy to unveil a new option for you to market your online stores -- customer coupons. Now you can conduct sales and provide specials to any subset of your customer base. To get started, first find the Coupons option which is found on your left navigation in your Control Panel under Sell and then Configure. You will see a screen like this:

From this page, you will see any coupons you have previously created plus the option to create new coupons. You can edit or delete your previous coupons. Code is the coupon code your customers will use in your store to get your offered discount. Desc is just your notes to yourself about that coupon and Start and End Dates are the days and times between which the coupon can be used.

When you click Create New Coupon or edit an existing coupon, you will see a screen like this:

There are instructions on this page to help you fill out the information needed to create a coupon. The Coupon Code should be between 4 and 12 alpha-numeric characters. It can be any combination of letters (upper- or lowercase) and numbers but any other characters like a space or a dash will cause an error. The Coupon Type determines what sort of discount your customers will get with this code. It can be a percentage discount off the entire order (not including shipping), a flat dollar amount, or the option for free shipping. The Start and End Dates default to a date and time one and three weeks into the future, respectively, when you create a new coupon but you can change the dates as needed, keeping the date/time format on the screen. You can set coupons far into the future or you can have them start immediately. You can have a special run for a month or just for one day or even a "happy hour" for a small portion of one day.

For all coupon types, you will enter a Minimum Order to accept the coupon, for instance, only on orders of $40 or more. This Minimum does not include shipping. It is just the merchandise total. If you don't want a Minimum Order, just enter a 1 for orders of a dollar or more. For a percentage discount, which is the default option, you also enter the Coupon Percentage as a number between 1 and 100, rather than a decimal (ie enter 15 for a 15% discount). You do not need to type the "$" or the "%" for either of these fields.

When you choose a different Coupon Type, the screen below the option will change:

You see that it is mostly the same information, only you will choose a dollar amount for Coupon Flat Amount for the discount. If your coupon is for $10 off orders of $50 or more, just enter 10 without the "$". When you choose Free Shipping as the option, you only need to set a Minimum Order. The shopping cart will adjust the amount as needed.

Once you have coupons working through your control panel, you will want to publicize it somehow. There are lots of options to do so. You could:

 - Send out an email to your Members

 - Post it through your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)

 - Publish it in a print mailing

 - Print it through traditional advertising

 - Even publish it right on your website to offer to anyone browsing!

When you have created coupons, your customers will see this new addition when they shop in your online store:

The customer needs to just type the code they've gotten from you and click Save Changes to register the coupon code. Your shopping cart will check to see that the coupon is valid. If not, the customer will see an error such as:

The cart will also detect if the coupon is expired or not yet available and disallow its use. Upon success, the customer will see:

After the customer completes their order, you will see the coupon's effect on the total in all of your admin screens and reports. When you go to Sell and then Orders & Reports and then View orders, you will see something like this:


The customer's coupon and discount amount are displayed at the bottom above the total. If you want to remove the coupon from the order, you need only to click the Remove Item icon next to the coupon. The totals will revert to the pre-discounted level. Similarly, if you view an order that does not have a coupon associated with it, you will now see this:

If you would like to apply a coupon to an existing order, you will see a pull-down list where all of your coupons, even the expired ones, are available for you to select. The validation checks for minimum orders and start and end dates are not used here. Since you are the farmer, you can decide if your customer should get a discount or not, after all!

We hope you will find this new Ecommerce option valuable. Please let us know if there are options you would like to see added in the future or if you have any problems. We are always here to help your online experience to be successful and simple!

Nov 7, 2011

Taking the time to explain

Posted by: Small Farm Central

I was looking the website of a small technology company the other day that does a lot of interesting work with farmers and has spent a lot of time working on their service, but I could only find a few bits of pieces of information on their website. It struck me: why did this company spend years developing a piece of software and could not spend half a day to explain the technology in depth on their website.

Then it occurred to me that this is even more prevalent among farmers: we spend 1000s of hours each year building a farm operation and yet there doesn't seem to be that hour per week to tell customers about it.

That's a shame for both the farm and the customers.

I'm not suggesting you should spend hours each day on facebook on status updates. I know you have a thousand other things to do. It takes some time to write it out, but some questions that a farm website should answer:

  • Who works on the farm?
  • What do you grow and how do you grow it?
  • Why farming? Why is this vocation your passion? Customers respond to passion.
  • How can a potential customer support the farm? (ie what markets do you go to? how do I sign up for your csa?)
  • What are the joys of farming for you? What are the hard parts?
  • etc etc!

This kind of thing is not another time-waster: telling your customers what you do and why you do it is absolutely essential for a direct-marketing farm. They have plenty of choices from other farmers to coops to grocery stores to Wal-Mart: why are you different and why should they spend their hard-earned money on your products?

I know you are different, but if you don't tell your customer how and why you are different, how will they know?

If this sounds like you, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. It is just time to pour a little bit of that passion that you have for your farm into telling your story. The website is an ideal place to put that energy because your website is the spot perspective customers study when they are seriously interested in your farm.

So now that I have you fired up, spend some time and write some content!

Oct 27, 2011

New Member Assembler Tools!

Posted by: mikecuccaro

Based on feedback that we've gotten from all of you, we're rolling out a ton of upgrades to help you use your Member Assembler to its maximum advantage. We're making it easier for you to combine e-commerce with your Member Assembler and also giving you new options to save you time and money. Please take a look and let us know what you think!


eCheck.Net is a new checkout option for Member Assembler payments that will give your members the convenience of paying securely online while saving you between 1% and 2% on the transaction fees. Instead of credit card information, members will enter in their checking account details for a direct payment to you, like with PayPal. Be sure to configure your merchant account to accept eCheck.Net payments before enabling this new feature in your control panel. Please contact us before setting up this option

Disabled Members

If someone has to cancel their CSA partway through your season, you can now easily disable and re-enable a member through your control panel. Disabled Members will still be attached to their types but will not receive pickup reminders and the like. This will also be useful if you have a rolling enrollment to keep your new members from receiving automated notices that their shares are ready before you are ready.


Want to get in touch with all of your past members and give them a quick link to sign up to your new season? The new automated renewal process will generate a new user group which is a "snapshot" of who hasn't signed up at that moment and sets you up with an email that sends a unique sign-up link to each user. The renewals page also gives you a count and percentage of how many of your members have renewed.

Member Assembler Widget

To help your members get to all the tools they might want to use on your site: updating their account, making a payment, getting their status, or shopping in one of your departments; there is a new widget that will show up throughout your site, giving them all their links in one convenient area.

Optional Member Agreement

Now with your signups, you can add the additional step of having your members read and agree to any terms and conditions before they complete the process, hopefully saving you some "No one told me that!" conversations later.

Member Balances

To better see how your Member Balances are calculated, now all of the various payments and invoices are combined into a single list for each member. You can still just view one category or another if you wish. Additionally, if you'd like to combine e-commerce transactions with Member Assembler transactions when calculating your members' balances, you may do that as well.

Newsletter and Reminder Options

When sending out email newsletters, you have some new options to include. There is a new "private description" field associated with each Pickup Location. You can use this for special instructions or information you only want a confirmed member to see: such as the address and phone number of a host location. Member Types can also now be pulled to display for each member on pickup reminders, should you desire that.

Reset Group Passwords

When setting up a private e-commerce department, how do you let your members know where to go to log in and what password to use? Now there is an easy one-stop resource where you simply choose a department and a message and all members will get an email with either a randomly generated unique password or a single password you choose for all members to use. One click, and they are into your new store!


If you are accepting any form of online payments, now your members have the option to go and make a payment at any time without you needing to submit a payment request. Members can pay their remaining balance, or, if the amount is at least $50, pay off half or a quarter of what they owe you.

These are just the major changes. There are also dozens of small tweaks here and there, based on what we've heard from you, that will make your Member Assembler experience more friendly and efficient.

As always, we welcome your feedback about these changes and what changes you would like to see in the future. Please contact us with your thoughts and concerns.

--The friendly Small Farm Central team


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