Farm Site Spotlight: Lower Ninth Ward Urban Farming Coalition

Dec 15, 2009
Posted by: Small Farm Central
Meet Brennan of The Lower Ninth Ward Urban Farming Coalition

The Lower Ninth Ward Urban Farming Coalition is dedicated to community revitalization through urban agriculture and is comprised of local groups and individuals committed to food security and environmental responsibility through urban agriculture.

They are working to enable food justice through establishing a sustainable food system in the Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood in which there are no grocery stores and limited healthy food options.

Lower Ninth Ward Urban Farming Coalition Small Farm Central Website Brennan's Thoughts on Websites & Outreach

We thought we'd take a few moments to ask Brennan some questions about their organization & their experience with Small Farm Central.

Did you have a website before SFC?
The coalition did not have a website or web presence before the SFC website.

Who is the intended audience of your website?
We built the website to highlight our work and share its intentions and successes with others in the urban agriculture world, New Orleans, and internationally. We've been contacted on all of these fronts by a whole world of people; from volunteers to supporters, to funders, to experts on this or that. Its been an incredible resource for the Coalition.

What advice would you give to a farm who is considering starting up their first website?
My advice to new organizations is to get yourself out there on the web. It's wonderful to see your achievements highlighted through photos and to reach a whole world of people. Small Farm Central is so easy to use and even within its members, has such diversity and a wealth of knowledge to be shared.

What is your favorite part of being involved with sustainable food community?
Working in New Orleans through urban agriculture has given new life to the rebuilding efforts of this city. The community of growers and growing growers is growing! and we're so happy to be a part of it.


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