Help Us Decorate the Small Farm Central office

May 21, 2012
Posted by: Small Farm Central

As we make some changes to our office space here in Pittsburgh, we would like to get some large format photos of our subscriber farms printed to put on our walls. It's a good reminder day-in-and-day-out of the reach of our network and the people that we are working for.

Right now, we have strings of 4"x6" photos on the walls that look a bit like this:

However, there are some open walls right now and we are getting some new space that is just right for some large format images.

We need you to help us! Do you take great, high-resolution photos of your farm? (Any file directly from your digital camera will be high quality enough for us.) Are you willing to be featured on the walls of the Small Farm Central office? Please send over 2-3 of your best shots in the original format from your digital camera and we'll post a blog entry with the ones we chose to put on our walls.

Submit images to Thanks for helping us decorate!


  • If I had a diet plan, it would be: 1) cook for yourself 2) eat whatever you want at mealtimes, but cut the snacks 3) cut the desserts&sugars
    2 years 17 weeks ago
  • @AmyinOregon oh, neat. Glad you like them.. more coming soon!
    2 years 18 weeks ago