CSA Model Continues to Grow

Jan 27, 2012
Posted by: Small Farm Central

The Young Farmers Coalition rounds up a report by the California Agriculture journal which has some interesting stats on the growth of CSAs.

"Between 1990 and 2010, CSA membership in this area increased by 49 times, from about 672 members in 1990 to 32,938 members in 2010."
"According to the study, 54 percent of the CSAs were profitable and, out of the rest, 32 percent broke even and 15 percent operated at a loss. The average gross sales per acre was $9,084, which is almost seven times the average for California agriculture generally."
"Generally, small-scale farmers were more dependent on CSAs than larger-scale farmers. Many of the farmers in the study chose the CSA model as a way to diversify their income sources. Some did not have access to wholesale organic markets, while others wanted to increase their revenue beyond farmers’ markets and other direct sales. Many farmers responded that one of their motivations for starting a CSA was the advantage of being paid up front before the growing season and thus knowing sales volumes ahead of time."

Read the whole article or read the full report.


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