Snap! Quick Tips For Improving Your Farm Photos

Jul 19, 2010
Posted by: Small Farm Central

It's cliche but true: Pictures can say 1,000 words. Great photos can add so much to a farm site, and it's an easy way to keep your site looking fresh. People love seeing what's happening on the farm, whether it's the latest produce that is ripening on the vine or the recent addition to your herd of cattle. What seems 'every day' to a farmer is an exciting 'behind-the-scenes' look to your customers. The following are some handy tips when capturing moments at your farm.

1. Bring your camera. Everywhere.
It may sound silly, but remembering to actually bring your camera as you head out to fields is an important habit to form. The likelihood of remembering to come back and capture that tassle on the cornstalk, as the sun streams thru, is pretty slim. So throw that camera into the back of the tractor or carry it in your overalls so you can record those spontaneous moments!

2. Get down to your subjects level.
That picture of the baby sheep will be one hundred times cuter if you get down to your subjects eye level. That means squatting down to the ground and having the lens of the camera at the same height as the subject.

3. Use the flash outdoors.
You might think that there is plenty of light when taking shots outdoors, but forcing the flash to go off in outdoor settings can improve your pictures.

4. Off-center is nice.
By placing your subject off center, you can create interesting relationships between your subject the the open space around your subject. Try it out - take a picture with the subject in the center of your viewfinder...then take the same picture with the subject off center.


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