Lancaster Farming: Is Social Networking Right for your Farm?

Apr 12, 2011
Posted by: Small Farm Central

Lancaster Farming, one of the largest agricultural newspapers in the country, just printed an article featuring an interview with Simon about how farms can best utilize the new web marketing tools that are out there. This is a really good review of our current thinking on web marketing for farms.

"With the recent push to get businesses (including farm businesses) to take advantage of social-interactive websites to market their products — on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog sites — Huntley understands the challenges for farmers to add one more thing to their already packed schedule.

"I try not to blindly follow trends (in technology)," Huntley said. "It’s important (for everyone) to ask, why do I need this?"

As the founder and owner of Small Farm Central, a web company which provides online services specifically for farm businesses, such as website creation, online sales tools and community supported agriculture (CSA) customer management, Huntley has seen his own farm-web business double nearly every year for the past 4-1/2 years. Based in Pittsburgh, Pa., where Huntley and his wife live, Small Farm Central (SFC) now has 500 clients overall, including many small farms and farm businesses around the country and as far away as Hawaii and Nova Scotia. Though the company began as a solo venture, SFC now has four full-time employees with Huntley projecting continued growth in the coming year."

Read the rest of the article online or pick up a copy at your local newstand!


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