Referrals and Win-win situations

May 18, 2009
Posted by: Small Farm Central

Here at Small Farm Central, we love win-win situations. There are a lot of them in local and small-scale agriculture.

We often hear from satisfied customers that you would like to pass on the word to other farmers who may be interested in our services. If we printed up some "referral" cards with basic info about Small Farm Central and a unique identifier that you could pass out to other farmers who would be interested in the service, we could then give you a couple months free service for each farm that signs up.

That's the second part of the win-win situation.

Would you be interested? Let us know.


  • If I had a diet plan, it would be: 1) cook for yourself 2) eat whatever you want at mealtimes, but cut the snacks 3) cut the desserts&sugars
    2 years 17 weeks ago
  • @AmyinOregon oh, neat. Glad you like them.. more coming soon!
    2 years 18 weeks ago