A Compelling CSA Share Photo

Nov 12, 2008
Posted by: Small Farm Central

(What the heck is a CSA?)

A lot of farm photography is fairly easy for the amateur: taking photos of cute young goats, the tractor tilling, or picking peaches. These are situations that are rife with photo opportunities and many Small Farm Central farmers are great photographers (1, 2, 3).

One area that is lacking is the CSA box: I have not seen a photo that fully evokes the freshness and culinary possibilities of a CSA share. It seems like an important photograph to take because the customer is asked to outlay $300-500 at one time for a product that has not even been planted. A photograph that makes the food look vital and irresistible would be a great final motivator.

Too many of these CSA box photos have bad light or just show the food sitting in a box or a bag. They are not compelling.

Well, this week, I saw a great CSA share photo from Village Acres Farm:

Mm! I can almost smell those onions sauteing and winter stew bubbling!

Can you do better? Send them over and I will post competing entries in comments.


  • If I had a diet plan, it would be: 1) cook for yourself 2) eat whatever you want at mealtimes, but cut the snacks 3) cut the desserts&sugars
    2 years 18 weeks ago
  • @AmyinOregon oh, neat. Glad you like them.. more coming soon!
    2 years 19 weeks ago