Farm photography and SARE contest

Sep 28, 2007
Posted by: Small Farm Central

Start taking photos today.

Excellent farm photography that captures the work and personalities of your farm is another bedrock of a good farm website. I hope you have an inexpensive digital camera to carry around with you as you do your work. If you get in the habit of taking good photos, you will have a great record of the year and something to show off to the world on your website. Yesterday I discussed farm blogging; it is best practice that each blog entry comes with a relevant photo, so build up your stock of farm photos over time and you will be more efficient when you build your website and your blog.

Another opportunity for your farm photos: in conjunction with SARE's 20th anniversary conference, SARE is running a sustainable agriculture photography contest under the theme: "Groundbreaking Innovations, People and Partnerships in Sustainable Agriculture." Some of the more photographic-inclined farmers and customers may be interested in submitting a photo in one of these categories:

  • The Diverse Sustainable Agriculture Community
  • Land and Water Stewardship
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Communities and Markets

The deadline is October 31st, 2007. Click here for information on entering the contest.


  • If I had a diet plan, it would be: 1) cook for yourself 2) eat whatever you want at mealtimes, but cut the snacks 3) cut the desserts&sugars
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  • @AmyinOregon oh, neat. Glad you like them.. more coming soon!
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