Young Farmers in the News, on the web, and on the silver screen

Oct 1, 2009
Posted by: Small Farm Central

p> America's farmers are getting older by the numbers and the next generation needs to stand up so our country can eat into the future. This demographic challenge has received a lot of attention within the agriculture community for many years and the issue is now entering the consciousness of the wider media.


40 Farmers Under 40

The Mother Nature Network released an interesting feature last month featuring the work of "40 farmers under 40". Some of the top entries include a pop signer turned avocado farmer, farmer/writer Zoë Bradbury, and filmmaker Ian Cheney of King Corn renown.

Maybe you will find someone you know in the list? We know farmer #14, Lyndon Hartz of Hartz Organics because he uses our website services.

Not surprisingly, this list features farmers in the sustainable farming movement rather than the conventional farming track.

The Greenhorns Movie

A group of young farmers, they call themselves the Greenhorns, is in the process of finishing a feature-length documentary on the young farmer movement. The filmmaker has energetically travelled around the country filming young farmers at work while in the process of starting her own farm in the New York City area.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

More Young Farmers on the Web

There's a lot more about young farmers all over the world wide web. Here are some selected articles:


Having young people coming into farming is not a choice, it is necessary demographic change as our farmers age. I am heartened that young farmers are so passionate about what they do and so prolific is recording their journey!


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