Time to Start Sign-up for Next CSA Season!

Sep 6, 2011
Posted by: Small Farm Central

We hope you are having a productive high harvest season! It feels like things are turning just slightly towards Autumn, so it's time to start thinking about your 2012 CSA sign-up.

When possible, it is smart to capture your CSA customers commitment for 2012 while the taste of ripe tomatoes are still fresh in their mouths. It may be tempting to not think about CSA sign-up until February or March, but if you can get that deposit now you are in a much better position to retain more of your membership from year-to-year.

Member Assembler (our CSA membership management tool) has the concept of "seasons" so each time it is time to start a new sign-up period you will create a new "season" that holds all of the information for those shares. This archives older data (which you can access when needed), allows you to create new pickup locations, new prices, and allows returning members to sign up again.

For a full explanation on how to create seasons, go here: http://www.smallfarmcentral.com/memberassembler/help/creating-new-seasons

When do you start your sign-up process? If you wait until the Spring, what are the factors that stop you from starting sign-up a the end of summer?


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