Zilke Vegetable Farm

The Problem

Zilke Vegetable Farm runs a farmstand every week or so, partnering with different local businesses. While there was interest in the stand, the foot traffic was not meeting their expectations or needs. They relied on the business’s ability to promote them, but not all businesses were marketing effectively.

Customers there often reported they had trouble remembering which days we would be on site.

Zilke Vegetable Farm needed a more direct form of communication, as well as a way to become part of their customers routines.

It's a customer-centered solution I can offer that is quick and easy.

FarmFan allowed Zilke Vegetable Farm to speak directly to their customers and remind them to come to the market each day.

The text reminder function of FarmFan is EXACTLY the prompt many customers were looking for.

The Result

Zilke Vegetable Farm sales and traffic have grown each year, and with FarmFan, they have turned occasional shoppers into regular customers.

FarmFan has helped me to provide additional support to customers who want to support me... I text one hour prior to market start each day, capturing the weather, product, and anything else pertinent to that particular market.

Zilke Vegetable Farm’s favorite part of FarmFan is the reminder to text FarmFans. As farmers, they wear multiple hats, and the reminder to send out a text keeps their marketing strategy on track.

Keep up the good work!

FarmFan can help your farm too.

Turn occasional farmers market customers into committed shoppers!

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