Three Springs Fruit Farm

The Problem

Three Springs Fruit Farm’s first web presence was a MySpace account, mainly because it was free. But there were disadvantages.

There were too many spam bots and fake accounts that didn’t reflect well on our business.

As far as sales, Three Springs Fruit Farm got a lot of requests for produce seconds for canning. They used to take the requests over the phone on pen and paper, set aside the order and bring it with them to market, but a lot of times they ended up bringing it back to the farm at the end of the day..

Sometimes people didn’t show up to get their order, which meant a lot of wasted effort, time and product. We essentially lost money, too, because we could have sold what wasn’t picked up.

Three Springs Fruit Farm needed a web presence that reflected positively on them, and a sales solution that saved time, effort and product.

The SFC Solution:

The e-commerce tools pay for our whole subscription.  Being able to take pre-orders, especially bulk orders and seconds, has improved our sales.  We wouldn't have considered doing our Winter Buyer's Club had we not seen how effective the online ordering system could be. Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm

Three Springs Fruit Farm chose Small Farm Central’s Site Builder with e-commerce, because they were looking for a system that would allow them to edit their own content, rather than sending a detailed letter to a webmaster when they needed the site to be updated, or having to learn HTML themselves.

Our Small Farm Central subscription gives us a way to do a lot of different marketing without tying up my time. The user interface is simple enough that it lets me send emails, write up blogs, share recipes and update our site quickly and easily. Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm

The Result

For one thing, Three Springs Fruit Farm no longer had to worry about spammers but they also enjoyed a lot of other features of the site.

We used the blog to talk about our unique growing practices. The produce variety tool was really helpful for answering common customer questions about the differences between two varieties. Our email marketing also grew thanks to the mailing list tool.

The Site Builder allowed Three Springs Fruit Farm to professionally differentiate themselves as food producers and have control over all of the content.

Small Farm Central’s e-commerce tool made their order system more efficient because people placed the orders themselves. It was also more profitable, because he could ask for payment up front when the order was placed, rather than hoping customers would show up to pick up and pay for their order.

Bottom Line: Small Farm Central’s Site Builder and e-commerce tools helped Three Springs Fruit Farm make their business more profitable, more efficient and stand out online.

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