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CSA Farmers and Managers

As a farmer you have a lot of tasks to keep your CSA running smoothly and your members satisfied. Between signing members up to processing their payments to tracking their vacations to sending out pickup reminders to creating harvest and pickup lists, it can be more than a full-time job just administrating without even talking about the “real work” of growing. CSA management software can be a lifesaver and that is where Small Farm Central comes in. 

Member Assembler

Small Farm Central has developed Member Assembler to be the full-service software package to address all of a CSA farmer or manager’s needs. We know that farms and CSA programs do not fit into cookie-cutter solutions so we continually make adjustments and improvements based on farmers’ feedback and evolving needs and practices. We’d love to talk with you about how Member Assembler can help you optimize the time managing your CSA and get you back in the field doing what you do best.

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Site Builder

Of course, you might have other needs too, such as a new website.  Small Farm Central also offers Site Builder website tools for specifically farm-focused web presences which integrate perfectly with Member Assembler and social media.

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Do you sell at Farmers Markets?  Our FarmFan messaging system helps farmers communicate with their market customers and rewards them for returning to your stand.  This text-message based system provides a way to alert your customers when markets are beginning and what specials you are offering and allows users to “check-in” to accrue points toward rewards.  

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Free Resources for Farmers

Small Farm Central offers a variety of free resources.  As a CSA farmer or manager, our CSA Solutions Hub and our CSA Discussion Group are especially relevant to you.  The CSA Solutions Hub is a collection of resources written by CSA farmers, Small Farm Central staff and others involved with CSA to help you market and improve your CSA program.  New content is added on a regular basis.  The CSA Discussion Group is a private Facebook-based discussion group that allows CSA farmers and managers to ask questions, share information and network.  Small Farm Central also offers the Farm Marketing Minute - a monthly email newsletter that provides tips and resources for promoting your farmers market.

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Options for every kind of farm. Choose a plan that works for you!

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