Opt-In Loyalty Program


FarmFan was conceived at Small Farm Central in Fall 2013 as an answer to the question, "How can farms utilize mobile technology in marketing?" Farmers markets are a wonderful opportunity for farms, but to be viable, farms must make a profit selling their goods. FarmFan seeks to close the gap between farm and customer.

From occasional farmers market shoppers to committed shoppers

Turn occasional farmers market customers into committed shoppers.Use the magic of text messages and rewards to drive market sales! FarmFan allows customers to opt-in to get right-before-market text messages and then encourages return visits with a loyalty check-in system.


FarmFan was fantastic. We were really surprised at people's reactions to it. People love being a part of something, like it was a special club - 'Yeah, I'm a FarmFan' - they really bought into that. The weekly reminder, from a practical perspective, made a huge difference for folks at our Wednesday afternoon market. They can plan all week to come to the market, and forget or go home a different way, or get caught in a meeting. People would come to us and say that they would have forgotten to come to the market without the reminder.

-Karen Bryla Mcnees, Market Manager, Lexington Market at University of Kentucky

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