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Farmers Market Sellers and Managers

If you are a farmer that sells at Farmers Markets or if you are a Farmers Market manager, you know there can be real challenges to getting customers to return week after week.  Your farmers market might only be seasonal or might only be open specific days of the week.  If it’s an outdoor market, you have to deal with the uncertainty of the weather. Customers want to support their local farmers market but these factors and many more may make the local grocery store look more attractive.  To succeed at farmers markets, you need a strong marketing presence.  Small Farm Central can help.

Farm Fan

FarmFan was created specifically with farmers market sellers and managers in mind.  Using the magic of text messages, FarmFan provides you with a way to remind your customers when your market is about to begin.  With an open rate of 97% within 3 minutes of receiving, text messages are a more immediate and effective tool than emails and social media for communicating with potential customers.  FarmFan also allows you to reward your frequent customers by offering loyalty rewards.  

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Cultivating Customers: The Book

Based on an online course hosted by Small Farm Central founder Simon Huntley, the book “Cultivating Customers: The Farmer's Guide to High Impact Marketing” is a comprehensive guide to using online tools to make the most of your farmers market.

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Site Builder

A strong, easily updatable website is essential as a place where your farmers market customers can learn more about what you have to offer.  Whether a farmer or a farmers market manager, a good website not only lets you to explain your current offerings, but also allows you to explain other important information like your history and philosophy.  You can add a FarmFan widget to your site to collect signups.  Farmers might find it useful to upgrade to e-commerce so they can do pre-sales of items in high demand.

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Free Resources for Farmers

Small Farm Central offers a variety of free resources.  One of our free resources is our “Farm Marketing Minute” email newsletter. This is especially helpful for farmers market farmers and managers because it includes marketing tips and other advice. The FMM newsletter also offers relevant resources to use, including royalty free vegetable images, our CSA Solutions HUB library of articles and our CSA Discussion Group on Facebook to help you get the most from your markets. This newsletter is an email that includes marketing tips and other advice and relevant resources, such as royalty-free vegetable photos, to help you get the most from your markets.  Other free resources include our CSA Solutions Hub library of articles and our CSA Discussion Group on Facebook.

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Member Assembler

Some farms choose to use their farmers markets as CSA pickups.  This helps ensure some draw to your market.  if you are doing a CSA you might be looking for software to help you manage your signups and weekly chores.  From getting members signed up and payments received to keeping track of member vacations, sending out weekly reminders, preparing harvest and pickup lists and so much more, there are many tasks involved in keeping your CSA running smoothly.  Member Assembler streamlines those tasks and saves you time in the office.

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