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Member Assembler

We’ve worked diligently to make Member Assembler the best CSA member management software you can find. We continually improve the software year after year with the input of farmers to meet their evolving needs and increase their member retention. Over 400 farms across the United States and Canada utilize Member Assembler in almost as many ways. Member Assembler has the flexibility to serve the needs of the myriad of farmers’ business models as well as serving non-traditional local food subscriptions like meat, fish, dairy, and fruit CSAs and CSFs.

easy sign up management

I need easy CSA member signup management

Member Assembler includes:
  • Online signup with multiple member share types and options
  • Pickup choice sorted by distance or dependent on member types
  • Custom signup forms and terms and conditions
  • Include automated prorations, custom charges and discounts, and coupons
  • Live payments via Authorize.net, PayPal, or Dwolla
  • Private and public shopping cart tools for extras and special items

I need a better way to get CSA info to my staff

Member Assembler includes:
  • Highly customizable pickup lists
  • Box building tools for weekly shares
  • Calculated harvest lists for field workers
  • Individualized packing labels for members
pick up lists

member communication

I need a better way to communicate with our members

Member Assembler includes:
  • Automated weekly pickup reminders
  • Segmented and scheduled email messaging
  • Member login dashboard with all pertinent information
  • Member share update and vacation hold request forms
  • Member renewal and rollover processes

I need an easier way to keep up with my CSA accounting and member payments

Member Assembler includes:
  • Automated payment schedules
  • Individualized payment requests
  • Varied and detailed reports
  • Data exports
  • Charts and graphs
payment request


I need more time to be a farmer


MA helps you spend less time in the office and more time doing what you do best:  farming.

Member Assembler is there for you.


How much does it cost?

Plans for 50 members begin at $38/month and go up from there.

Member Assembler comes with a free 14-day trial.


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