A Course in Web Design

Over the 2-3 months I will be slowly releasing a ten-part informal course in farm web design. This course will explain the theory and practice of setting up and maintaining a farm website. This is a public service to the larger community and is applicable to direct-marketing farmers of all types, whether they are Small Farm Central members or not.

The schedule of the course follows - use the subscribe form in the left-hand column if you want to receive updates as they happen.

Prologue: Farming is not equal to the web?

Part 1: Stake your claim: choosing a web address

Part 2: Hosting options

Part 3: Active and elegant farm design is possible

Part 4: Design (Advanced): What does my customer want?

Part 5: But I grow food not blogs-starting your farm blog

Part 6: Getting right with google and other farm visibility techniques

Part 7: The humble art of farm photography for the web

Part 8: Connecting with farm customers through website and blog comments

Part 9: Farm ecommerce brings direct, local sales to farm websites

Part 10: Small farm web marketing requires patience and persistance