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I am truly amazed at the sophistication of your system, the simplicity of how it works, and the many options that you have. I’m also really impressed with all of the efforts that you guys are putting into helping us small farmers -- not just offering a website hosting service, but also helping us to market our farms as well. I know so many small farmers who struggle with everything computer related, or even business related, that they are overwhelmed with everything they need to do to be successful. It's really great that you guys are working hard to help them out!

Jolene Vezzetti, Breezy Meadows Farm

Hi Simon and the Small Farm Central team,
We just opened up shares for our second CSA season and felt compelled to say "thank you" for creating the Member Assembler. I've been a professional logistics coordinator for almost 10 years now, but trying to keep track of all our CSA members with their different delivery options, specific food requests, payments types etc. would be an organizational nightmare if it weren't for your system. A huge "thank you" from all of us at Cable Creek Farm!

Beth Tysdal, Cable Creek Farm

I have gotten so many compliments on our CSA website. It was extremely easy to build all of the pages and add the images, and you have created a very intuitive interface for editing. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service. Your promptness in returning e-mails or answering questions truly impressed me.

Thanks again—I had such a good experience in creating our website using Small Farm Central. I will be sure to recommend you to other CSAs.

Doris Boardman, Chatfield CSA

I am SO happy with how well the website is doing my work for me! This has been crazy but I can't imagine trying to pull this off without this wonderful tool. I appreciate your helpfulness and your quick response - even on a Sunday!

Amy Brucker
Appleton Hollow Family Garden Foods
(a member of Good Earth Food Alliance

"Thanks for putting up with us as we worked through it all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the personal service you and your company have provided. I am hosting a marketing seminar at the farm this weekend for a fiber producers group of which I am co-president. Part of what I'm talking about is websites. You can bet I will be recommending your company for those farms wanting to build their own sites. You guys have made the process easier than I thought possible." 

Andrea from That'll Do Farm

"I wanted to Thank You and your staff for the EXCELLENT service! I have designed websites for a while now but why reinvent the wheel? We are LOVING our website –it’s ease of use, I’ve had any questions answered quickly and efficiently, we are getting wonderful feedback from folks that have seen the sight. It’s just awesome!!!!" Thanks! 

Don & Becky Schooner, Schooner Farms

"We just wanted to let you know your site design has given us the chance to express our farms personality. Allowing us the freedom to update with pictures and products is exactly what we needed here at Black Valley Farm. Your templates are perfect in all respects and the prebuilt additions that you have put together are invaluable! We hope to be using Small Farm Central far into the future." 

Alana at Black Valley Farm

"Gotta tell you we LOVE this member Assembler no paperwork and almost everyday we open it and there is someone new signed up and all we do is work the farm."

Mike at Rise and Shine Farms

"I continue to be very pleased with my website and with the excellent customer support. I will remain quick to recommend your services to other alpaca breeders."

Nancy at Shadowberry Farm Alpacas

"Kent and I are really happy with what you have been able to do with our website. I can't wait to tell all my fellow farmers at upcoming conferences about how great Small Farm Central is. We're going to be at Future Harvest CASA tomorrow, PASA in February, and a fruit/vegetable conference in Hershey, PA. Thanks again!!!" 

Will & Kent at Whitmore Farm

"You are quick! Thanks so much. And, I have to say, this is a fabulous way to get a great website up. I love the variety and my ability to make it work for my needs without having to have a lot of "techie" experience."

Karen at Hidden Springs Farms 

"I know that the website increased off the farm sales and farmer's market sales. It brought a small number of emails. I think that most people first read what we had to say (and show) on the site and then phoned. It was an excellent tool for communicating with our prospective customers. I also think it elevated out status a bit and maybe gave customers a bit more confidence in us."

Mary Ann Wycoff, Bear Creek Acres

"We can usually get enough pickers out to match what’s available by sending an email to our list. We had a steady stream of people adding themselves to the list which is much easier and less mistake-prone than entering names myself. It was nice to have all the website features available, especially directions, picking updates, and the calendar."

John Clark & Karen Hurtubise, Qualla Berry Farm

"The website truly has been a huge hit and is really helping our business grow this spring; no way we could have done it without you."

Nathan Parks at Silver Thorn Farm

"Within a few minutes of beginning work on our site it was obvious that the Small farm Central system was easy to use and not intimidating at all, for me, the not-so-savvy computer user. The help function and FAQ's cover just about cover every question. I am impressed with Simons' quick response, through answers and his on-going commitment to supply us with the tools of building and maintaining a better, more user friendly farm website..."

Todd Jameson at Balanced Harvest Farm

"Just a note to let you know how much google checkout and Small Farm Central has done for our business Since May we have had increased sales due to adding Google Checkout to our website actually it has increased our sales by almost a third. Our SFC website combined with Google Checkout is probibly the best thing we have done for our farm since going organic. Thanks for every thing you do."

Mike and Terri Marsh at Rise and Shine Farms, Fallon, NV

"One of the ways Small Farm Central has helped us is in managing these "extras" sales. Even though they're less than 10%, in the past, managing them took up way too much time - since all pre-orders were via email. With the sfc website, we get an excel report that makes it easy for truck loading the pre-ordered items and managing the sales at distribution, i.e. matching the name to the items ordered, as well as reminding people what they ordered. "Our members have also commented that they like seeing the pictures of the items on the website. I think in some ways that has helped increase our orders. "On August 15, we will open up our CSA store for winter signup. We anticipate huge time savings with the sfc website. Again, because instead of individual emails, we'll get one excel report. Other benefits: setting the quantity ahead of time and letting our members view that on their screens."

Patrick at Village Acres Farm

"The services that Small Farm Central provides have completely taken the mystery out of web design and development for us. The program is easy to use, versatile and he is constantly improving it. When you need help Simon is easy to get in touch with on the phone or email and he'll respond to you very quickly about your needs. The Small Farm Central program and control panel is designed specifically for direct marketing farms and has many excellent features that we could not find anywhere else. After a full, agonizing year of having a poor web site we found Simon at the CFSA conference and within about a few days we had our new site up. We still have a bit of development to do with our site, but what we have now looks good, has the basics, was very inexpensive compared to hiring a web designer and best of all -has taken us VERY little time to do it compared to the complex and farm unfriendly hosting service we were with previously. I hope this does not sound like a commercial, because it is not. Simon, nor Small Farm Central are paying me to send this message. We feel this service is of great value to us and think it will be to you as well. Simon can provide the level of service that we, as small farmers, can appreciate because of his scale and focus. Call it selfish, but we want him to succeed so he stays in business and we can continue to be his customers- so we are trying to spread the word of his services. Plus, he is a great guy with a great idea- and you have to love that. If you are like us and want a great looking, more affordable, do it yourself web presence without the hassle."

Casey McKissick, Foothills Family Farms. Family. Food. Future.

"We are very pleased with Small Farm Central. We have been able to be very creative with what you are providing."

That Guy's Family Farm

"I am sure I will have more questions as I work with the site, but thanks for your great support. My husband and I truly appreciate that; support should be part of any business, yet it often isn't. Thanks again."

Tracy Youngblood at Youngblood Grassfed Farm

"You have built a wonderful tool said the former Luddite! We have received many compliments from our large extended family who have gone so far as to declare our site, elegant and always- user friendly."

Leaf Myczack at Broadened Horizons Organic Farm

"All in all, at my current level of understanding, the Yarn Store/Department looks really good, professional, secure & trustworthy (even I would spend my money there) and yet it isn't like one of those off-the-shelf shareware carts that look corporate or designed for corporations. What I like about what you've done here is that you have embodied in the site design the uniqueness, the humanness, the personal & farmerly look...and the excellence...of the small farm."

Eugene Wyatt, Catskill Merino